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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 28, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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through the right wing. >> amazing to me was what happened to the plane afterwards. it just rotated over, 90 degrees, on the side and just went like this. i remember thinking to myself, it didn't spin. >> reporter: griswold and fritz, along with six other sailors, completed the vallejo yacht club race a short time before the collision. when the cessna 210 collided with the vintage plane the pilot of the cessna lost control and crashed into the water. the vintage plane kept going and landed at the eagles nest airport in amador county. griswold and his crew were the first on-site. >> you could smell fuel, engine, different kinds of smell. a little bit of bubbling. quite a bit of debris. we thought there was floating bodies. >> reporter: they were hoping to save the pilot but they quickly knew it was more of a recovery and not a rescue effort.
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>> when we looked at the driver's license, it was a female. and she was born in 1963. which hit home to me because i'm a year older. and so -- it was tough. >> reporter: the ntsb is heading up this investigation. members are here trying to put the pieces together. they want to get the plane out of the water as soon as possible. but they have to hire a private company to do that. we'll have more on the first responders and how they tried to save the pilot coming up at 6:00. as that cessna crashed into san pablo bay the vintage fighter plane continued on to the town of ione about 40 miles southeast of sacramento. it's also home of sanders aeronautics which owns both planes. tonight federal investigators are on their way to talk with the pilot, who survived.
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mark matthews joins us live from ione with more. >> reporter: we just spoke with a battalion chief from ione who was out here yesterday afternoon. he says it looks like the hawker sea fury's top vertical tail fin was damaged in the collision along with the tail's right stabilizer. both planes are owned by sanders aeronautics. we are outside the home of dennis sanders, outside the gates. and we do not know if he was flying the plane or if his brother, who was his partner in the company, was flying the plane. this is where the plane came to land. today two women walked out to the gate and locked it. no comment to reporters. we don't know if dennis sanders or his brother brian was flying the "sea fury" yesterday, just that it was a husband and wife on board. a woman answering the phone said there would be no comment. graden eckert is an ex-military
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pilot who knows the sanders by reputation. >> yes, this whole community is quite well known for the racing up in reno and so forth. there's a lot of very experienced pilots up here. >> reporter: he says it's unusual someone would fly 100 miles away from the site of a collision beforelanding. >> it's surprising. again, i don't know anything about the circumstances involved. >> reporter: the 1956 british-made fighter is a souped-up version with an extra-powerful whitney engine. the sea furies have raced and won at the reno air show. while it's unusual to have someone fly back here after colliding with an airplane over the bay, this is a very large runway. the airport manager told me you could land a 757 on this strip. joe pardy says it's a close-knit community. >> they don't like being on tv. >> reporter: a landscaper working here says normally this is an open, friendly community. today it's extra quiet. >> normally it's more open.
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hangars are open. kind of closed down today, looks like. kind of desolate today. >> reporter: witnesses say that the plane, before it landed, flew around the field several times. the battalion chief told me it looked to him as though the plane was trying to burn off gas before it landed. an investigator for the ntsb is said to be on his way out to ione to interview whoever was flying that plane. we have not seen him yet. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the mid-air crash, both on-air and online at the moment we have an update on recovery efforts or the investigation, we will bring you that information. we have new details tonight about a traffic scare in fremont. police say someone with a bb gun is shooting at cars on warm springs boulevard. this is a major intersection. the bbs hit three cars just last
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week and tonight police are now stepping up patrols. nbc bay area's marianne favro is in fremont with us this evening. >> reporter: you're right, police are out here in full force. especially during the evening commute. because that's the time of day when all three of these shootings happened here on warm springs boulevard. this easily could have been much worse. because children were inside two of the vehicles. three different women were shot at as they were driving here on warm springs boulevard in fremont last week. >> wednesday evening is when the first two callers called us, literally within seconds of each other. both of them had their driver's side windows shot at by some type of project style and both of the drivers sustained injuries. >> reporter: police say those injuries were minor. the women suffered cuts from the shattered glass. police believe the suspect used a bb or pellet gun to shoot out the driver's side windows of three vehicles. two shootings happened here near
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warm springs boulevard and warren road. the third shooting was reported near brown road. two of the women had children in their vehicles. they were not hurt. the shootings put drivers on edge, including adriana who routinely drives on warm springs boulevard. >> knowing that there's people shooting around, it's very disturbing, especially since i come here to go to work. and it could happen to anyone. >> reporter: she says she now plans to be more vigilant while driving. and vows to keep her cell phone handy just in case. tonight police tell me they do consider this an assault with a deadly weapon investigation. a man was killed this morning in san jose after being hit by a car. police say the incident happened around 10:30 near the intersection of north king road and east st. james streets. the driver stopped and cooperated with police. no alcohol or drugs are suspected. the victim has not yet been
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identified. the santa clara high school student trying to reunite with his mother in africa, but he only made it to hawaii. the mother is now talking publicly for the first time. this is an ap photo that shows the mother in front of her hut in an ethiopian refugee camp. she's not seen her son for eight years and says the teen's father took him to america without her knowledge or concept. the teenage stow-away just learned she was alive. last week the 15-year-old hid in the wheel well of a plane and survived the flight trying to reach her. the hawaiian airlines flight took off from is an hoe and landed in maui. the teen's father plans to fly to hawaii soon, though he doesn't tell us when, to reunite with his son. thanks to the drought, california's fire season is starting early. california fire's hiring 125 seasonal firefighters several weeks earlier than usual. firefighters say there's already been 750 wildfires this year.
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more than triple last year's number at this time. the early fire season means an early push to get rural homeowners to clear brush from around their properties. record-breaking heat is on its way. live look over san francisco. the bay there could reach the 90s in the next couple of days. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with more. >> widespread 70s across the santa clara valley. 71 in san jose. also 76 in campbell. not too hot today. but high pressure is already beginning to build in as this gets just a little bit closer over the next 48 hours. it's going to give us enough of a surge for tomorrow that we will have some upper 80s. 88 expected in napa tuesday. 87 in livermore. 86 in san jose. check it out, throughout wednesday's forecast, 90s returning to santa rosa, napa, livermore 94, possibly 93 in san jose. check it out, downtown san francisco likely could push up to 85.
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we'll have details on how long all this lasts coming up. also ahead, 5:00, a path of destruction is widening. the latest on that series of deadly tornados in the midwest. plus new video of the violent weather. and basketball backlash. the growing controversy surrounding the owner of the l.a. clippers and how it's already hurting the team. what warriors fans are being asked to do as another playoff game approaches. joe montana's return to the football field. tonight the 49ers legend weighs in on the big game he'll play at candlestick park. at 6:00, a son hoe state freshman trying to focus on school and save his mother. >> i want my family reunited. >> the rarely used tactic he hopes will bring his mother home to the south bay. hey! welcome home! hey mom!
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it is unbelievable that a man of his prominence in this country would have those kind of feelings. >> donald sterling stripped of an naacp lifetime achievement award as the controversy surrounding the clippers owner grows. sponsors are cutting ties with the team after the long-time owner is allegedly caught on tape making racist comments. the clippers now are in the playoffs against the warriors. game five is tomorrow down in l.a. and the warriors coach has some strong feelings about that game. kris sanchez joins us with more on that. >> reporter: mark jackson said if they were a fan, not the coach, a fan, he would stay home. that goes for fans of the clippers and fans of the warriors alike. >> i believe the fans have a statement they can make as far as fans. the loudest statement they can make is to not show up to the game. >> reporter: at practice
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warriors head coach mark jackson urged clippers fans and warriors fans to send a message to donald sterling about those racist comments allegedly recorded by his former girlfriend. but at the same time, the clippers head coach doc rivers urged fans to keep rooting for their teams. >> we need them. i can tell you that, we need everybody. you know, we play for them, we always have. and so we do need them. >> reporter: the clippers were clearly off their game at oracle sunday as they fell to the warriors 97-118. >> our focus wasn't in the right place. be the easiest way to say it. >> reporter: as the players struggled to keep the focus on the game the naacp of los angeles announced it is rescinding the lifetime achievement award that sterling was to receive in just two weeks. >> when you say things like that, you have to pay a price for those kind of things. >> reporter: according to the executive director of santa clara university's center for applied ethics, the price is
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getting more dear as leaders are held more accountable. >> i think a few years ago we might have let an issue like this go without comment or certainly without the yes crescendo of criticism that we've got today. but this is not a time when we're willing, nor should we be willing, to tolerate a leader whose values are so much at odds with the organization that he or she heads. >> the nba commissioner will have a press conference regarding sterling tomorrow. the warriors coach today was also asked about whether players should sit out the game in protest. he says no, that because it is their job and they have to think of their families, they should may. it's not the same as fans using their hard-earned money on those tickets. >> thanks so much. more details, not just a social issue, a financial one. tonight major companies are pulling their support for the clippers. bay area-based virgin america airlines among them. "while we continue to support
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the fans and the players, virgin america has made the decision to end its sponsorship of the l.a. clippers." carmax is the first to pull the plug. kia, red bull, sprint and mercedes suspended their partnerships. state farm said it was taking a pause and monitoring the situation. we want to know what you think. text or call the number on your screen. we'll have the results coming up tonight at 6:00. how transparent is your local police department? some say internal police investigations are secret and many citizen complaints disappear. tonight we investigate why this might be happening. steven stock exposes what is happening behind closed doors. >> it's all because of a state law. something called pobar, peace officers bill of rights. our investigative unit spent nine months piecing together numbers of complaints by
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citizens against large police departments throughout the bay area. we wanted to see exactly what was happening behind the badge. we discovered that because of pobar there is little transparency when it comes to citizens' complaints against sworn police officers. because of that law, many complaints simply disappear, go away. and are never heard from again. >> when you wear a badge, that is authority. when there is abuse of authority, under the color of authority, the public deserves a right to know. because after all, police work for the public. it shouldn't be a secret police force. >> police union representatives say pobar is needed to protect good officers from "witch hunts." even some of them admit that the law can be used to protect bad officers from public scrutiny. coming up tonight, we investigate what's really going on. we add up the numbers for you. the numbers that we found over the last nine months.
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citizens' complaints, civil rights lawsuits, internal investigations. we'll break it down for you to find out what it means for you, the citizen, who pays these officers' salaries. >> if you have a tip for steven stock or our investigative unit, call us on the numbers on your screen. 888-996-tips. or e-mail us. now to a developing story. a ferocious storm system limping across the southern united states at this hour. right now much of mississippi under tornado emergency. 1 twister hit the town of tupelo this afternoon. dozens of tornados touched down in kansas, arkansas, and oklahoma. in arkansas a tornado tore an 80 might have mile path of destruction near little rock. >> terrifying to live through. 8:15 now on the east coast, and
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in the south jeff ranieri, our chief meteorologist, tracking what's happening there right now. >> and as you saw in that video, very destructive, very deadly weather. and there's still tornado reports happening at this hour, some of the worst of it in mississippi, stretching through alabama, right up towards kentucky. the thing about this severe weather, it's going to continue as we head throughout the next 24 hours. the worst of it, as this line of severe weather marches east, likely across mississippi and also alabama for tuesday's forecast as well. if you're headed anywhere toward the east coast, you might face some major airport delays. back here at home, not a bad way to start off your monday and get out, get up, get going. 78 in cupertino. concord 77. alamo 76. san ramon 75. very comfortable. but that weather likely going to go to uncomfortable levels as temperatures soar up over the next 72 hours. more details on that coming up. i want to take you outside to the sky camera network.
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no major disruption of weather for tonight. sunny and clear conditions at this hour. numbers averaging in the upper 60s and low 70s. might need a light jacket out there in san francisco if you're headed to the game this evening. you can see here across the east bay, excellent visibility. if you have a slight leaving oakland international airport, shouldn't have any problems with flights taking off. currently 69 degrees. let's get you to the forecast. it's all about this huge increase in temperatures as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday, even thursday's forecast. it's all courtesy of high pressure. when you get high pressure moving in across the pacific it forces compressional heat down to the surface and takes any kind of storm activity and moves it way off to the north. so that's what we're going to see happen as we head throughout the next 72 hours. high pressure moves just a little bit closer. it's going to give us concerns here, namely fire danger's going to go up with decreasing humidity levels. air quality is going to worsen. pollen levels are us a going to soar. the other thing of note is the temperature trend. this will likely be the hottest
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week so far of 2014. check it out in san jose. mid-80s for tuesday. by wednesday and thursday, the trend will push us way up into the 90s. and i do think by wednesday and thursday's forecast, that's when we likely have fire danger in the south bay, 20 degrees above average. so let's get a deeper look at that microclimate forecast throughout tuesday. we'll keep that sunshine. temperatures in some locations in the south bay will approach 90 degrees. morgan hill one of them with official temperatures there are 88. san jose 86. we'll go for 78 in san mateo. palo alto mid '80s. with wind developing that will mean san francisco will go up to 76 degrees. we'll take you to the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley. if you're headed up to wine country, napa's close to 90. fremont 84. and for the tri-valley, we'll have upper 80s here in pleasanton and also livermore. take a look, the hottest day of the week is no doubt on
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wednesday's forecast. we have 94 expected in santa rosa, livermore. and san francisco even at 85. so we are surely going to lock in some records. raj and janelle, hope you've got that sunscreen out, maybe shorts under the evanchor desk this we. >> i'll wear shorts all week. >> i'll pass. just ahead, it's not the drought. why one of the bay area's biggest reservoirs is empty. legendary player set to take a legendary field. what joe montana has to say about the final game he'll play at candlestick.
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a major bay area reservoir, crucial for our water supply, is empty. for good reason. it's being retrofitted for an
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earthquake. sutro reservoir, san francisco's third largest, crews have replaced the concrete flooring and are fort fying the structure so it can withstand a major quake. without these improvements engineers say a big chunk of the city's water supply would be at risk if and when that major quake strikes. also the neighborhood next door to the reservoir, midtown terrace, could be at risk of flooding. >> our criteria for the retrofit is we don't want any catastrophic disaster. we don't want the roof break down. >> the $27 million project should be completed by the end of this year. the reservoir will be refilled with millions of gallons of drinking water. 49ers star vernon davis has gone public. at least his stock has. davis has become the first professional athlete to sell stock in his own brand. the stock based on davis' earning professional opened at $10 a share and closed at $11, a 10% gain.
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the niners pro bowl tight end is partnering with fantic brokerage services, offering more than 20,000 shares. one more game. the final, final football game at candlestick park will happen this summer and joe is making a comeback. joe montana, among a handful of the 49ers legends hitting the field on july 12th for a flag football game. you can relive the glory years. montana, jerry rice, roger craig, dwight clark, just to name a few. organizers are finalizing the roster. we spoke with montana and craig today. >> guys are very competitive, you know. when the first game starts off, you think it's going to be a flag football game. but competitive juices just flowing. >> as soon as halftime happens, things kind of change. nobody wants to lose at that point. >> roger and joe look great. tickets go on sale may 5th. prices range from 30 to 50
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bucks. candlestick will be ready. it's a flag football game against a team led by former dolphins quarterback dan marino. up next, a big surprise from south bay schoolchildren today.
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am. at 6:00, an exclusive look inside apple. what the company is doing to power its devices from the inside. what it could mean for the rest of silicon valley. that's tonight at 9sidm6:00. kids some east san jose
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arrived at school this morning to see a clean, freshly painted schoolyard. the biggest change was this mural that got lots of oohs and aahs, new basketball nets were a big hit. annual comcast cares day happened saturday morning. 500 volunteers from here at nbc bay area, comcast, and the community lent a helping hand. we pulled weeds, cleaned class many roos, painted new lines on the courts. a lot of fun. kids came out as well. comcast cares day is the nation's largest single day of corporate volunteerism. we want to thank everyone who helped us. we want to see all the smiles on kids' faces. >> that's what you call teamwork. that's going to do it for us. we'll have warm weather coming up. we'll be prepared for that. >> 70s today. throughout tomorrow's forecast, going to shoot up into the 80s. you can see a quick look at san jose, sunny tomorrow, 86. close to 90 in morgan hill. san francisco getting in on the 70s. by wednesday, even hotter. more at 6:00 p.m.
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on our broadcast tonight, tornado warnings tonight and throughout the day as a huge and severe storm front rolls to the east with millions of people in its path. and the damage reports continue this evening. also tonight, the direct hit the small communities that have been wiped out in the path of this storm. we'll check in with the teams on the ground. pressure points, the u.s. goes after putin's inner circle, not military, this is all about money. >> and the new backlash after that racial tirade caught on tape. tonight, the nba is under pressure to do something fast about one of its team owners.


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